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Volvorii Career +

Volvorii Career + handbag is the olive to a perfect martini.It is an infusion of luxury completeness to what the Volvorii Timeless began. Similar to the Volvorii Timeless, at the click of a smartphone app button it will transform its colors and design patterns to match the occasion. The Volvorii Career + is designed to be all a luxury fashion handbag should be, ought to be, plus more!

Volvorii Timeless

The world’s most elegant evolution in fashion tech. MIT inspired. Dragon Innovation Certified. A one of a kind designer shoe born to compete at the highest level for the global luxury Louis Vuitton Fashion Prize. With just a smartphone app button click, the Volvorii Timeless changes its colors and design patterns to match your outfit ensemble. Welcome to the uncompromising future of

Luxury Fashion Design.

Volvorii OPTI

The Volvorii OPTI elevates luxury fashion eyewear to what lies beyond the art form. These are the eyewear frames that work on you, for you. Add a polished look to an instant air of mystery, edgy, chic or just let your brilliance shine through- all without even trying. At the click of a smartphone app       The Volvorii OPTI Makes It All Possible!

Smart Luxury Footwear

Our technology works in a variety of products including footwear.  With just a smartphone app  click, the shoe changes its colors and design patterns to match outfits. Forget 3 shoes in 1, this is 300 shoes in 1. But that’s not all, it also comes packed with all the fitness tracking capabilities already built in. It’s been cited in research papers, used as case studies or lecture material by researchers at The Parsons New School of Design in NYC , USA; New York University in NYC , USA; SKEMA’s Masters in Luxury and Fashion Management Program  in Paris, France among others.

How much are you willing to pay for 300 pairs of designer  shoes?

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Smart Designer Handbags

Our technology also works with bags.
At the click of a smartphone app button it will transform
the handbag’s colors and design patterns to match the occasion.
The handbags also have the fitness tracking technology built in.
If the handbag is carried while also wearing the shoes with our technology the accuracy of the activity tracking doubles. This is because the user will have two reference points measured from two different locations. All the more reason to combine your fashion and function.

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Smart Fashion Eyewear

A staggering 4 Billion people or slightly over 50% of the world’s population wears glasses. A significant of them own more than one pair of eyewear frames mostly because of fashion related needs. With our technology we can begin to dare to ask:
How much are you willing to pay for 300 pairs of frames ? And before you ask, yes they also have fitness tracking capability built in.
We developed the technology to smartify designer fashion and worked with our partners in the eyewear industry to make sure it could be applied to frames.

Smart Vehicle Ex/Interior Customization

Our technology also works with vehicle surfaces. At the click of a smartphone app button it will transform
the vehicle’s exterior and/or interior chosen areas’ colors and design patterns to match the occasion.
A conservative appearance during the day at the office, an elegant design flare  for an artistic corporate event or race car feel for the weekend at the sports field, etc you can have it all at the click of a smartphone app button.

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